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Information alone will not effect real change in our society. By informing the people who you interact with, and helping to empower them to educate themselves, a real change can take place.

Taking Action has many forms. Becoming politically involved with like minded people is one effective way of consolidating your power. Starting a personal Blog and posting information is another effective way to disseminate information.

Becoming a member in an organization is another powerful way to consolidate power. It is important to remember that no action on your part constitutes approval of the way things are in society.

Some very important information and research are presented by the linked banners below. Investigate these links and remember to “Do Your Own Research”



Welcome to The Avalon Round Table – Officially Launched on July, 4th, 2010.

Our Vision is to provide a forum for individuals to present information from a Global Perspective and discuss events that are important to be aware of, to make informed decisions. Our primary goal is to build a network of writers and researchers that are analyzing The Global Chessgame, the Participants and it’s impact on all of our daily lives and future.

The Avalon Round Table invites your comments and encourages participation in a conversation on Global Events from both a historical perspective as well as the implications to future changes in our civilization.

Individuals who would like to contribute to the content on The Avalon Round Table forum are welcome to email us at

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