Investigating Forced Vaccination Plans in AZ
By Gary Franchi
All Rights Reserved  2010 RestoreTheRepublic
Next week I’m traveling to Arizona to investigate the National Security Infrastructure and legislation that
allows for forced vaccination and quarantining of Americans living in Arizona.

Will you help me raise the $1000 I need to buy my plane ticket and cover other expenses while on the road?

During my investigation I will be interviewing Ernest Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix and traveling to a possible

FEMA detention center for “Enemy of The State: Camp FEMA 2”.

These trips are costly and there are many risks involved. I need your help so I can pursue the information and secure the video footage.

Every penny adds up. If you can, will you please chip in $10 or more to help me?

Thank you for your support, you make everything possible.

In Freedom,

Gary Franchi


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