PressTV Reports on Possible FAKE Video by US and UK Intel Services

PressTV Reports on Possible FAKE Video by US and UK Intel Services

By TheAvalonRoundTable

July 5, 2010 17:00 EST

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A just released report at states that due to losses in Afghanistan and pressure that is mounting due to heavy losses in June 2010, US and UK intelligence services are “working on a fake video clip aimed at diverting blame for failures in Afghanistan to Iran, an informed US military source says.”

This report is credited to a source at the US base in Bagram who stated that U. S. and British spies have employed renowned American film editors to produce the video. An Update to this article may follow if there are new developments.


According to the source and PressTV’s report, “The video consists of footage doctored in a way to show that Iran is providing weapons and military equipment to “anti-government forces” in the war-torn country. The montage sequence will rely on false satellite imagery and radar images allegedly taken by spy drones. This is while pressure is mounting on the US over its failure in Afghanistan, amid rising causalities among foreign troops in the country. June was the bloodiest month for the US-led troops in Afghanistan since the beginning of invasion of the country in 2001, with a record 102 fatalities.


US to blame Iran for Afghanistan failure

Mon, 05 Jul 2010 14:38:06 GMT


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