A Tribute Video –

By AvalonRoundTable © 2010

One Patriots Voice –

by Matthew aka TheShowmebby

There’s several things that continue to come up in my head, late at night when I lay in my bed

One of these is, “What did you do during the Patriotic Uprising of Twenty Ten”
Some of us were out there every night – researching and teaching people
Calling BS and playing games and having fun.

Many of us stood up and took these tools that our founding fathers gave to us
And we found some aspect of Liberty again… something that made us feel free and
This was a sense of community that America hadn’t seen in awhile – not in years.

Many people from across the country came together
And through conversations and debate, on live shows and videos
We found something that had been lost for a long time.

And it was our own ideas, being shared with one another, that was helping us to set each-other free
You see when you cut the bonds from the main stream media – the lies that were being forced upon us day in and day out
It’s almost as if we’d found America again.

“So what did you do?” ~ I lived it and I made friends

And we did our damnedest to wake up America
Live reports and updates from people – the main stream media couldn’t even touch
Literally we’d watch them put out music videos of people putting feathers on their face

As if they could touch anything that Montagraph would do
I counted myself privileged – to stand with some of the most beautiful people that this country had ever seen
Honored – to stand aside, some of these people it cost them everything – and some it cost nothing

And through diversity of opinion we stood together, and we showed the failures of all those who tried to conquer us.
When you allow a man to taste freedom… nothing ever will be the same for him
And when you teach a man what it is to be free – you’ve achieved something greater

Than what most people could ever believe – or hope for in their lifetime.
There were so many that cared – and even more who didn’t
But to those that gave it their all – I salute you…

by Matthew – © 2010 TheShowmebby

June 14th, 2010


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