Global Threats: Russia and China

Global Threats: Russia and China

June 3, 2010

by Robert Jones

Weekly Editorial By Robert Jones

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I personally believe that there are many issues that are dangerous not only to the United States, but to the rest of western civilization that are ignored, and in most cases not covered at all.

Hearing people say, “I don’t care what happens outside of America; only what goes on here in the continental United States matters to me” is quite shocking, in that someone would be ignorant to the need of awareness to global events and current affairs – as if they do not matter.

Each week it is becoming ever more flagrantly obvious that Russia and China are a grave threat.

This type of thinking is absurd, because if one thinks this way they have abandoned their soldiers on foreign soil whether they agree with what is going in the Middle East or not, as with any other involvements overseas no matter what the cause would be.

This is also a perfect example of “Oh it could never happen…”

Quite to the contrary, it is not only going to happen – these things are happening at a rapid pace with the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy, not to mention the military build-ups in Russia and China as well.

Most people fail to realize the strategic partnership between Russia and China [Sino-Soviet Relationship]. They also fail to listen when the points are made (not all, but most). Soviet KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn has so far been the only analyst with an accuracy rate of 94% to interpret and analyze and predict most of the Soviet deception tactics and bring to the table the west’s inability to perceive the deception tactics and the neglect of his advice. In his second book, The Perestroika Deception, Anatoliy Golitsyn stunningly reveals the “false collapse of communism” a faked dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the plans behind the Russian-Chinese reconciliation which is well at work today.

The Chinese-Russian relation and the West’s failure to understand this relationship

A quote from page 36 in a document Anatoliy Golitsyn sent in 1989 to the CIA, he wrote:

China is destined to become a Soviet Partner in the future World Government towards which Moscow and Peking are jointly proceeding.”

Once again, the information analysis of Golitsyn has been spot-on in speculating these events to culminate into fruition years ahead of the events because the Russians and Chinese are the backbone of the BRIC nations which is Brazil, Russia, India, and China which as ‘they’ stated in the month of March 2010 the BRIC nations ‘will cast the new order’:

BRIC leaders meet to seek change in global order

BRIC Ready to Recast World Order

TEXT – Communiqué from BRIC summit in Brasilia

The “strategic relationship” between Russia and China are laid out in Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies For Old” as the scissor strategy on page 338 Chapter 25 titled, “The Final Phase”

Excerpted from the book – “Scissor Strategy: The Soviets and the Chinese will be officially reconciled. Thus the scissors strategy will develop logically into the “strategy of one clenched fist.”

This is becoming more self-evident today in economic and military terms, on both the part of the Russians and the Chinese. There is quite a bit of self-evident information, becoming clearer by the week. Even some of the most highly-regarded journalists that are in the alternative media fail to point these things out or realize them either, because they’ve either simply neglected these facts, or they have been hoodwinked by a false anti-thesis which were set out for them to stumble upon.

The reason that I make this point is because of the completely wrong belief that China does not have the capability or technology, or that Russia has nothing other to offer than a nuclear arsenal. This is not only wrong, it is absurd. There are mountains of evidence to prove this is not the case, and Russia and China DO have the technology and ARE capable of challenging NATO/US dominance.

The Russians have willingly supplied the weapon systems and technology to China, and not only that, China is the biggest buyer, copy cat and thief of military & weapons technology on the face of the planet.

Not a good mix for the west when these things come from the fastest growing economy in the world.

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