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Is it possible that the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster is not a disaster at all? Is it possible that there is a political motive behind this disaster – or false-flag event? If this is discovered to be true – what should the consequence be for all those involved? These are important questions, as it appears that there has been no serious effort to clean up any of the affected areas.

Videos and live monitoring has been ongoing now for over 30 days and the affected area has widened to include tens of thousands of square miles, not to mention coastal areas and ocean life that are already being destroyed. The magnitude of negligence that seems to be going on here is of historic proportion. This is becoming a Global Event in that if left to disperse naturally with currents, it will have an impact on the entire world’s oceans and shores. Currently, there are technologies that can be working on alleviating this crisis – why aren’t these technologies being used? Is the plan to destroy the coastal areas so that they can be condemned and set aside as so much land is being done now by the Federal Government; remember Agenda 21, where there will be nothing but small zones for people to live and work?

While there is much speculation on how this disaster happened, or who caused it to happen, the critical thing now is to address the clean-up as aggressively as possible. Calling your State & Federal Representatives, Senators and anyone else you might call to inform them of the technologies that can begin to clean up this contaminated water seems like the only practical thing to do at this point.

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Voraxial8000 Separator

Twin Filter introduces the Voraxial separator. The Voraxial is a 3 phase centrifugal separator which finds its use in many industrial applications for separation of liquids with the simultaneous removal of solids. The separator creates high G-forces for effective separation of the different phases. Its simplicity, small size and low power consumptions makes it one of the most economic separators in the market today. No other centrifugal separator in the market today is able to achieve superior separation at such high flow rates, with little floor space and energy efficient than the Voraxial.

Scottech Oilfield Services

Technical Specifications

Model Flow rate BWPD (m^3/hr) Energy Hp (kW) Footprint (m2) G-force Size (Inch)
VORAXIAL2000 2000 (13) 3 (2,2) 1,0 x 2,5 m 350 2“
VORAXIAL4000 15,000 (100) 20 (15) 1,2 x 4,5 m 700 4“
VORAXIAL8000 60,000 (400) 50 (37) 1,8 x 8,0 m 1400 8“


Working Principle

A special designed impeller spins the incoming liquid creating a strong Vortex. Due to centrifugal forces, the lighter liquid is drawn to the center of the Vortex while the heavier liquid is spun outward; the solids are forced to the wall of the separator and are collected at the end of the separation chamber and discharged. The lighter liquid (oil) is collected by the orifice in the center, at the end of the separation chamber, and discharged through the light liquid drain. The heavier liquid (water) goes straight through the separator to the clean outlet. The unique hydrodynamic design of the open impeller ensures low shear of oil droplets and non clogging of the impeller.


  • Efficient separation of oil / particles / water
  • Very high flow rates using small floor space
  • De-oiling and de-sanding in one unit
  • Acts as an axial flow pump
  • Fluctuations in flow or concentration will not effect efficiency
  • Simple and reliable, one moving part
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low shear and virtually non-clogging
  • Small Footprint and Weight (1/4 – 1/5 of other technologies).
  • Solids do not effect oil separation


  • Produced water treatment
  • Mud pit cleaning
  • Slop water clean up
  • Waste water treatment
  • Completion fluids
  • Pipeline/system purge
  • clean up Hydro test
  • discharges
  • Ballast and bilge water
  • clean up
  • Runoff water
  • Oil spills

Download Technical Documents [.PDF] (204KB)

Company Profile

Scottech Oilfield Services is a privately owned Perth-based company with extensive filtration knowledge and engineering experience in the oil and gas industry throughout the world.

Since 1988, Scottech Oilfield Services equipment and plant operators have assisted Australian oil and gas exploration and production companies to complete their projects on time and to the highest industry standards. Delivering equipment which uses the latest technologies and only supplying experienced operators, we pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the leaders in our field.

Scottech recently expanded their operational facilities to meet the high demands of the oil and gas industry. The specialist facility provides companies access to a complete range of plant and equipment that is continually maintained and certified to meet industry requirements. The ability to stock consumable filtration products ensures that unnecessary delays are eliminated with fast and efficient onsite delivery.

The company continues to invest in the Australian oil and gas industry with ongoing software design and development delivering clear communication, status updates and reporting capabilities for both offshore and onshore operations.


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