May12, 2010

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The destruction of the Global Financial System that is based on Fiat Currency must be allowed to collapse – and finally prove that USARY IS A FAILURE. Even after a century, when in the 8th century under Charlemagne, Usury was declared a criminal offense, the destruction of civilization continues today under current monetary systems and the pursuit of wealth driven by greed.

In the United States, where an adoption of the Federal Reserve System occurred in 1913, followed by the manufactured ‘Great Depression of 1933’, you would think that this system would have been replaced by a credit system and the issuance of credit, which is singularly authorized in the United States by The Constitution. How many people, until only recently, have become aware of the Federal Reserve System? The answer to that question seems so directly tied to The Media and Education that the explanation is better left for another time and story.

In no uncertain terms, the transition to an economy where ones wealth is based on tangible assets will be a tough one; anyone who understands the power of The Elite and NWO, knows all too well, they won’t go without a fight. One only has to look at the efforts made by Rep. Ron Paul in moving forward legislation to ‘Audit the Fed’.  Ask yourself, who would be against knowing to whom, and a true accounting of where American Tax Dollars are going?

More to the point – an honest financial system, where wealth is real and is represented by tangible assets is the main subject of this article. Real wealth is something tangible, and for thousands of years Gold and Silver have been accepted as a representation of wealth, however, a true understanding of money and what it really represents has to be understood – which will be the subject of another article; stay tuned. Let it suffice to say that Gold and Silver are accepted as a means of Exchange or Barter – and that is not going to change any time soon. I caution the reader that currently the world is in the planning stages of a pure Digital Economy and Digital Currency.

What is on the horizon is what one could call – Worlds in Collision – or Winner Take All to be more precise.

What this means is that IF the Elite slash NWO win this battle for control of money, then we are going to be forever under the control and domination of this power. To quote a famous member of the inner circle, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” – Baron M.A. Rothschild

The opposing force are the peoples all over the world who want, and some demand, control over their own lives and destiny and the degree of dignity and liberty desired by any man with self-respect. In its most basic terms, I would pose that this is about those who are willing to use force and those who are willing to submit to it.

Is it time for you to take control of your destiny or are you going to wait for someone else to tell you what to do? If this manufactured financial crisis has not caused you to think of exactly who is in control and why things are happening as they are, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you think your dollars are going to continue to have any value in the days to come, then it might be a good idea to start educating yourself.

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There are two classifications of Precious & non-Precious Metals that exist – Coinage and Pure Bullion. Traditionally, Coinage is any Precious Metal with Face Value – these coins falling under the Science of Numismatics. Pure Bullion can be minted by any mine or manufactured to be traded or sold – this generally is termed Private Labeling or Signature Products. In addition, many industrial sources of metals exist and contribute significantly to the overall value of their respective price.

The AvalonRoundTable has no affiliation with any the linked companies in this article other than having purchased Silver and Gold products from them. This information should get you started in investigating Silver & Gold Investing. Any comments and questions are welcome – I can be reached at


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